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Employment Law Compliance

All Employees Spanish-Language Supervisors HR & Executives Webinars

HC3000: Employer Obligations Under HIPAA

LE1000: Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

LE1000e: Discriminación y hostigamiento en el lugar de trabajo

LE1001: At-Will Employment

LE1001e: Empleo a voluntad

LE1002: FMLA Leave Rights and Responsibilities

LE1002e: Derechos y responsabilidades según la FMLA

LE1003: Americans with Disabilities Act

LE1003e: La Ley de Americanos con Discapacidades

LE1004: Wage and Hour Rights and Responsibilities

LE1004e: Horas y sueldos derechos y responsabilidades

LE1022: Diversity and inclusion

LE1023: Ethical issues in employment

LE2000: Discrimination and Harassment in the Workplace

LE2001: At-Will Employment

LE2002: FMLA Leave Rights and Responsibilities

LE2003: Americans with Disabilities Act

LE2004: Wage and Hour Rights and Responsibilities

LE2011: Introduction to Federal Employment Law

LE2012: Importance of Employment Documentation

LE2013: Discipline and Discharge

LE2014: Understanding and Responding to Unionization

LE2100: Discrimination, harassment and retaliation

LE3001: At-Will Employment

LE3004: Common Wage and Hour Issues

LE3010: The Value of Employment Law Training

LE3015: Drug Testing in Oklahoma

LE3016: Protesting Unemployment Claims in Oklahoma

LE3017: Arbitration — Alternative to Court Litigation

LE3018: Interviewing and Hiring

LE3019: Internal Investigations

LE3020: Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Gender Expression

LE3021: Protecting company confidential info and trade secrets under DTSA

LE3101: FMLA — Notification Requirements

LE3102: FMLA — Medical Certification

Medical Marijuana in Oklahoma (for HR and executives)