What's the value of training?

Can you justify the time and expense associated with that training? What are the benefits of making that investment, and how will you know if it pays off? What are you risking if you choose not to have a program, and what are the chances that you get called on that risk? This complimentary video presentation helps employers evaluate the need for training in their organization and the benefits of making that investment.

What is JurisIQ?

We've heard from human resources professionals, executives and business owners about the very real need for an affordable and efficient solution for all their workplace training and education needs. Well, now you have it.

Introducing Healthcare Law Compliance Training

We are pleased to announce the release of our Healthcare Law Compliance training module for healthcare providers, employers with self-funded health plans, business associates, and other covered entities.

There’s no better way to maintain legal compliance and protect your organization from potential lawsuits, government investigations and audits, and HIPAA breaches.

JurisIQ en Español

JurisIQ en Español

JurisIQ's Employment Law Compliance training module offers Spanish-language versions of its essential employee-level courses, presented by McAfee & Taft attorney Isai Molina. These courses include companion Spanish-language quizzes for employers who wish to test and track the comprehension skills of their employees.

More content.
More control.
More features.
More functionality.

JurisIQ Learning Center's new enhanced features provide HR professionals and executives with more powerful administrative and reporting functionality, allowing for a more tailored approach and hands-on management of the training process — from course assignments to user management to real-time tracking and reporting.

Why JurisIQ?

The fact is that many companies — even well-meaning employers — do an inadequate job of providing initial and ongoing training for their workforce, often with costly consequences. While a lack of time, resources, and access to quality training and educational materials are often to blame, they are no defense in a lawsuit. Protect your company with JurisIQ.

  • On-demand, online training on a broad range of topics, presented by lawyers you know and trust
  • Videos and educational materials are updated as the law changes
  • Three tracks of targeted training: front-line employees, supervisors, and HR professionals and executives

A comprehensive training program is your best defense in the event of a lawsuit. Learn more about the value of training »

For healthcare providers, employers with self-funded health plans, business associates and other covered entities, our Healthcare Law Compliance module features a comprehensive series of videos specifically designed to satisfy HIPAA’s training requirements for all members of your workforce and to reduce your risk of costly, stressful and often public HIPAA investigations and associated payments of fines and penalties. Learn more »

Is JurisIQ right for you?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, JurisIQ may be the affordable one-stop training solution for your organization:

  • You provide training on an infrequent or inconsistent basis
  • You don’t provide training to new employees as part of the onboarding process
  • You provide training on just one or two topics
  • You have one-size-fits-all training for employees, supervisors, and HR professionals
  • You don’t provide specialized training for supervisors or HR professionals
  • Your training does not always reflect the latest updates in federal and state laws, regulations and rules
  • You have employees in multiple or remote locations
  • You have employees who primarily speak Spanish
  • You want to be able to fully document your training activities
  • You want to take advantage of all available legal defenses in the event your organization is sued in litigation
  • You want to reduce the risk of government investigations, fines and penalties

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